Alamgir Enclave

Alamgir Enclave-Best Residential Area in Ludhiana: Buy The Budget-Friendly Homes In Ludhiana!

Owning your dream abode in Ludhiana is still a dream for many. Due to the development in the real estate sector, many residential complexes have proven to be an advantage only to the rich people. But those who cannot afford these luxury mansions do not mean they cannot afford to live in their dream house.

One can even buy plots in a 20 lakh budget if he chooses the right society to live in. Yes, breaking the myth of living in rich and modern societies, there comes a walled and gated community that offers small plots in Ludhiana.

Alamgir Enclave, the Best Residential Colony in Ludhiana, is the key to your dream abode. It is constructed to ensure that one does not have to worry about the mortgage payment or housing loans when deciding to buy their home. Keeping that in mind, the small plots in Alamgir Enclave present a nice selection of affordable, budget-friendly house plans.

Features of Alamgir Enclave you can’t resist missing


Here’s what you will get if you choose to reside in the Alamgir Enclave:

  • Great connectivity- The location of this budget-friendly enclave makes it more unique because of its connectivity to nearby areas. Situated in the Alamgir Village vicinity, these small plots in Ludhiana have direct access to the four-lane state highway. Moreover, one can easily find schools, colleges, hospitals, and markets surrounding this area.


  • Rainwater harvesting system- If you are concerned about rainwater entering your home, you should not be. Since our conventional method of storing the water is the ultimate key to save your inside premises. We have used the best and the most appropriate method of rainwater harvesting system.


  • Modern street lighting- The LED street lights enabled at Alamgir Enclave premises provide you with clear visibility. Since they consume less energy so they are highly used because of this feature. Furthermore, modern street lighting is not limited to luxury residential complexes because everyone deserves to live in a safe and secure environment.


  • Affordable price- The main reason why Alamgir Enclave has become the choice of the dwellers of the city is that it offers affordable residential plots. Plots in a 20 lakh budget can be easily purchased at this residential colony that too with ample amenities and other facilities. One can also buy well-maintained and inexpensive 100 gaj plots in Ludhiana in this residential colony.


  • Ample parking- People who live near business centers and commercial hotspots are more likely to park on the street. Because on-street parking spaces have a higher turnover than off-street parking enclosures, it is a more efficient urban planning system. And if you choose to live in these small plots in Ludhiana, you will have plenty of space for car parking.


  • Eco-friendly environment- Every day, city dwellers must deal with noise pollution, traffic, overcrowded public transportation, and a slew of other stressful issues. The last thing they need is a peaceful environment in which to live. As a result, Alamgir Enclave provides an eco-friendly and peaceful environment that not only improves your mental health but also helps you raise your living standards.

So, Alamgir Enclave is a perfect example of a budgeted home that provides numerous benefits in addition to affordable housing Plots in Ludhiana!