Alamgir Enclave

What are the benefits of purchasing small plots in Ludhiana?

Many cities, including Ludhiana, are seeing an increase in real estate investment. Previously, this was only popular in major cities but as the population in Ludhiana city continues to grow, many developers and real estate agents have begun to build comfortable and secure colonies. While commercial markets have witnessed huge growth in their sector, residential plots are no less anywhere. Moreover, there is equal opportunity for all families to invest in the home they always wanted to have. One can easily invest in 100 gaj plots in Ludhiana and live the life of his dreams.

However, the question of where a middle-class family can choose to settle down amid the rising popularity of luxurious and expensive residential homes arises.

The answer to that is Alamgir Enclave!

This GLADA approved colony situated at Malerkotla road, Village Alamgir City, Ludhiana, is a walled and gated colony with many residential and commercial plots for you to buy. The plots here vary from 100 gaj to 150 sq yd to 200 gaj plots and many more.

Furthermore, one can even find the wide range of facilities available here which are commonly available at luxurious colonies. From advanced security systems to lush green parks, everything is available in these 150 sq yds plots in Ludhiana.

Here are some reasons why you should buy the Alamgir Enclave’s small plots in Ludhiana:

  • Low investment- Buying your own home is still a dream for many. Due to the increasing rates in the residential homes of the city, Alamgir Enclave offers plots on a 20 lakh budget. Here you can easily find your small home without any financial difficulty or problem.
  • No maintenance charges- After purchasing a flat or apartment, one must pay monthly maintenance fees that include plumbing issues, electrical problems, and renovations, regardless of whether the person decides to live in that flat or keeps it locked. The advantage of investing in plots of Alamgir Enclave is that there are no such costs that allow you to save a significant amount of money each month.
  • More flexibility- After purchasing a flat or apartment, one must pay monthly maintenance fees for plumbing, electrical, and renovation issues. At Alamgir Enclave, you can build your home according to your needs and specifications within a set budget.

Alamgir Enclave is a gated community in the city of Ludhiana that offers both residential and commercial plots for sale. If you are looking for a good investment plot, this is the ideal location and a profitable option to build your dream home.