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“A budget is who tells your money, where to go rather than wondering where it went.”  Alamgir Enclave Residential Colony in Ludhiana is a spacious residential colony situated at a super prime location. It is the best residential area in Ludhiana to buy residential plots as well as constructed houses in your budget.  It provides exceptional connectivity to the entire city, with the benefits of hospitals & schools being only a few minutes away. Therefore, it is one of the most desirable address for modern Ludhiana.

The best Residential Colony in Ludhiana provide a variant range of amenities. Alamgir Enclave, have the best residential plots in Ludhiana and offers budget homes in Ludhiana, offers consolation, high security, and an overall grandeur feeling.

Let’s have a look at what differs our Alamgir Enclave from others.

  1. Recreational area

You will get never bore as Alamgir Enclave have such an amazingly designed recreational areas for you in their premises. These parks are highly secured and comfortable for night walks for both adults and children and can spend plenty of their time playing without any fear.

  1. Street Lights

Lighting plays a vital role in making our premises safe and secured. Alamgir Enclave provides your premises with well-equipped LED lightings to raise the visibility on pedestrian and for vehicle motors at night. Our residential colony has high quality lighting which reduces energy consumption.   

  1. Rain Water Harvesting System

“Look after the land and the land will look after you, destroy the land and it will destroy you.” We have used a very traditional and imperishable method of conserving water through Rain Water Harvesting. Through which it lower down the burden on the processed supply water which helps in strengthen the green living and helps in replenishment of ground water.

  1. CCTV Surveillance

An individual authenticity and welfare is very crucial as it strongly affect the individual’s wellbeing. Keeping this major fact in mind Alamgir Enclave comes up with the hi-tech security for their residents. CCTV surveillance all around the colony and entry exit points which will protect from any miss happening. Therefore, delivering above mentioned facilities, Alamgir Enclave Residency ensures you the best security.

To sum it up, Alamgir Enclave provides the best residential houses and plots in Ludhiana for both commercial and residential aspects involving all the above-mentioned features along with green surroundings. So, it provides the perfect definition of all necessities under same roof and under budget. If you haven’t booked your homes or plots yet at Alamgir Enclave, then hurry up! Contact us right now.